Friday, March 6, 2009


Procrastinating is a frigin big word for a small meaning, It means; you do every thing two minutes before it due. Otherwise as my mom like to say it; you better do your #$#^*$ work or im gonna kick your @$$, you always @!*$ up, always #*@!%# last minute, sit down and do your work sweety. Right now Im kinda, shorta, might, almost, small kine be procrastanating. To get full credit for this blogging class I have to write five minumum twelve sentence post's and so far this is my third. SOOOOOOO I think I'm doing pretty good, besides the fact that there is twenty minutes left of class till I'm skrewed. See I kinda need this credit and ya I really need it, I mean I've been working my @$$ off for my credits I have now and the ones I have coming. I want to graduate at eighteen not fugin bee 22 in highschool. Na Im over exadurating. I have nothing to type so im just going to end here before I type somthing really stupid that will embaress me for life which I probally already did.


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