Friday, March 6, 2009


Procrastinating is a frigin big word for a small meaning, It means; you do every thing two minutes before it due. Otherwise as my mom like to say it; you better do your #$#^*$ work or im gonna kick your @$$, you always @!*$ up, always #*@!%# last minute, sit down and do your work sweety. Right now Im kinda, shorta, might, almost, small kine be procrastanating. To get full credit for this blogging class I have to write five minumum twelve sentence post's and so far this is my third. SOOOOOOO I think I'm doing pretty good, besides the fact that there is twenty minutes left of class till I'm skrewed. See I kinda need this credit and ya I really need it, I mean I've been working my @$$ off for my credits I have now and the ones I have coming. I want to graduate at eighteen not fugin bee 22 in highschool. Na Im over exadurating. I have nothing to type so im just going to end here before I type somthing really stupid that will embaress me for life which I probally already did.

Total Random-ness

I'm the kind of guy who will do something crazy or totally out of the blue do something random because im bored and I want to. BUT It has to be a day were I'm happy and nothing can go wrong. Today happens to be that kind of day. This post is just going to be full of random stuff that comes to the top of my head, SO you are warned, just in case you have somthing better to do or read other peoples blogs, I don't want to waste your time. But I probally will anyway. My mom hates it when I watch the discovery channel, History Channel, and Science Channel, you would think that learning that stuff is good yea? But every time I watch them I learn more than I should, I take everything they say and process it in my head. Then I go and interupt my mom in whatever she's doing and iritate her with what ever I learned like for instense, I watched the science channel one night and learned about molocules. I learned that there is space between everything. When a baseball and a bat make contact, the magnetic force of the molocules that make up those two solids pushes eachother on contact. So basicly there is space between them. So I went up to my mom and did the whole Im not touching you crap. Of course she got pissed and stabed me with a pencil.. ON THE SHIN! Random enogh for you. As you can probally tell I have a thing called ADHD which means MY MIND IS EVERYWERE AT ONCE , so im not good in class or when im getting lectures or when im given really important instructions. But somehow I'm really good at puzzles mind teasers and all that crap. And to make it worse I'm BIPOLAR, so I easily can change moods even for no reason. Im going to end this post right here cause I need three more so I can get full credit.


Okay I gotta make this thing as long as I can it has to be 12 sentences long and I have to do five post for full credit. Shoots I'm on my second sentence ten more to go with four more post, this is hard. Okay third sentence, ummm well I'm going diving tomorrow.... not that you care. Fourth sentence this spring break.......... now that I think of it im not doing anything.... eh anyone wanna cruz I'm up for it. Shoots this is my fifth sentence im on a roll. This is getting easier oh shoots sixth sentence. Garentee im going to pass this class.. allright! Eh seventh sentence. Okay number eight sentence gotta make this one goood...... good enogh. Lucky number nine, well for me, okay this is a serius sentence, how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Okay now down to buisness, I'm doing my project on van Gogh right, and my final product is going to be an oil canvas painting, BUT I don't know what to paint if anybody even reads this post can you leave me an idae cuz... IM OUT. shoots that was number 10 and now this is number eleven, on a roll, has anybody else gotten so bored and out of ideas that they just typed whatever? Did you know that the sky is blue because of the reflection of the bodies of water, Discovery channel knows too much. And did you know that this is my last sentence! awsomeee totally dude.

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