Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay I gotta make this thing as long as I can it has to be 12 sentences long and I have to do five post for full credit. Shoots I'm on my second sentence ten more to go with four more post, this is hard. Okay third sentence, ummm well I'm going diving tomorrow.... not that you care. Fourth sentence this spring break.......... now that I think of it im not doing anything.... eh anyone wanna cruz I'm up for it. Shoots this is my fifth sentence im on a roll. This is getting easier oh shoots sixth sentence. Garentee im going to pass this class.. allright! Eh seventh sentence. Okay number eight sentence gotta make this one goood...... good enogh. Lucky number nine, well for me, okay this is a serius sentence, how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Okay now down to buisness, I'm doing my project on van Gogh right, and my final product is going to be an oil canvas painting, BUT I don't know what to paint if anybody even reads this post can you leave me an idae cuz... IM OUT. shoots that was number 10 and now this is number eleven, on a roll, has anybody else gotten so bored and out of ideas that they just typed whatever? Did you know that the sky is blue because of the reflection of the bodies of water, Discovery channel knows too much. And did you know that this is my last sentence! awsomeee totally dude.


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